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Cleaning Pigs


Cleaning Pigs:

One of the essential needs in the maintenance of pipelines is the cleaning of pipelines in specific intervals, especially before the intelligent inspection. Today in order to clean the pipelines, leading international companies in the field of pipeline inspection, design and manufacture High-efficiency cleaning pigs. These types of pigs, which are offered by different companies under different names, have much more cleaning effectivness than the old and common cleaning pigs.

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They also use magnetic cleaning pigs for cleaning.

The concern of operators in this field is to ensure documented performance of these pigs.

The company uses the ability of local knowledge-based companies and the transfer of technology to meet all the needs of operators in this regard.

    In addition to providing cleaning services, this company is able to supply local and international companies’ tool in this field, while also providing the following services :

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    Development of appropriate specifications and features for the cleaning pigs to make the appropriate pigs

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    Testing and supervising the manufacture of cleaning pigs

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    Providing appropriate technology to evaluate the performance of cleaning pigs and measure their effectiveness and efficiency